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We act with eagerness of a child and knowledge of an old man. We handle brands both for the big and the small ones. We are open to everyone’s needs.

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We introduce you
our brands.

We would be unfair to our Clients, if we handled their brands, without being unable to present ours. That is why we created brands which conquer the market, and enjoy a good reputation.

Nagroda Zoomart za najlepszy kalendarz biurkowy

Creation & Design

When talking about creation and creativity, we always focus on the outcome. Before we start working and let our minds wander into a land of ingenuity, we firstly set the rules of the game. We conduct research and thorough analysis of the market in order to know where and in what form a massage should be addressed. Thanks to that, our Clients can be sure we present a concept that will sucessfully promote their brand. MDA’s creative concept is created by the work of the whole Team. It is out strength which makes everything we do more interesting, done in doubled speed, and the outcome of which surprises a great group of recipients.

We burn templates. We take from them only what is necessary. We nurture an unconventional attitude. We respect distinguishing characteristics and individuality. We are a group of people with different believes and opinions, but we can make a value out of that, which makes our work even more perfect. We want to give to our Clients everything the best, therefore we do not scrimp on people, tools and available sources of knowledge. We invest in the best specialists and the most up-to-date technology. We always try to be the first ones to touch novelties, or even create them by ourselves. We strive to reach an ideal limited only by our imagination. Thanks to that we work faster and more efficiently. We achieve better effects and we can offer more than others.

Photography & Video

We like to look at word though a camera lens. We fancy choosing everything what’s interesting and inspiring from our reality. That is how me create advertisements. We look for pictures which draw attention. We make them to be thought provoking. Using them, we induce strong emotions necessary to create effective messages. We prove that a gesture, glance, detail, immortalized movement, combined with sounds and music might affect people’s opinions.

We successfully combine a created picture with other media. We record thinking about all these means, even the most unusual ones, of whom we are the authors. We like to surprise. We look for an opportunity for a new quality in advertisement in that. Everytime we do something new, we always pay heed to meeting the needs of customers. That is the reason why our Clients trust us so eagerly. We unfold new possibilities for their brands.

PR & Social Media

It can always be only better. A trivial thing to say, but that’s what we stubbornly stick to, in order to keep moving forward. It is the basis of building a stron mark and a successful way to communicate it to others. Simple and understandable to everyone. This is what it is about. In every moment of our work we do everything to, even in a minimal way, be better than a moment ago. That is why, thinking of you and all our Clients, we constantly broaden our knowledge by various field, also the ones connected with the communication of the brand. The possibility to apply this valuable theory in practice provides us with huge opportunities for development.

Numerous trainings, trips and the most important conferences in the country and abroad, publishing our own works and sharing out knowledge bring benefits on a daily basis and contribute to even more effective promotion of out Clients’ brands. It is them for whom we monitor and conduct a round-the-clock supervision of the websites and social networking sites, being therefore able to quickly and effectively react. The knowledge gained this way, assured by numerous successes, makes us an attractive partner in caring for the image of even the biggest brands. We want them to feel safe with us. We feel fully responsible for them. That is why they are so close to us. We treat them like our owns.

Interactive & Digital

Advertisement without the Internet does not exest anymore. Nowadays, the image in the Web is as crucial as the name of a product, a logo, a package of identification system. Today the Internet wins. Research shows clearly that the attention of majority is directed more and more towards the Internet. The fights for domains, the best places in the Net, keeps on going. There are still many areas to develop so you should be quick. The first will be the winners. That is why we help our Clients to always be the No. 1. That is what we are for.

We provide professional help in promoting brands by means of the Internet. We design websites and application for various platforms. We prove that skillfully conducted operations in the Web can affect the remarkable success of a mark and all that at a low cost. We are supporters of viral action, viral marketing and messages built through valuable content. We prove that such advertisment, thanks to digital and interactive channels, can work wonders. This is the future of advertisement that we create today.

What do we do?

Think what we can do for you. And if you do not feel like thinking about it, just leave it to us. We have done a lot of good for numerous brands, and you do have to know, that each next thing done by us will be even better.

Not everything can be presented in a portfolio by pictures. Several points will surely be helpful:

  • branding and rebranding,
  • packages designing,
  • strategy for communication of a brand,
  • creation in BTL and ATL areas,
  • PR & Social Media
  • content marketing, viral, buzz…
  • websites, applications for various platforms,
  • photo, video, audio realizations,
  • advertising gadgets[];
  • calendars [].

Everything with the emphasis put on unusual forms of advertising.

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The page you are visiting has been created particularly with you in mind. Feel here at home. Click, , watch, listen, contemplate. And when you want to try something more, call, write, or visit us. We offer tasty and non-committal coffee for a start. It will be a great pleasure to meet you.

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kontakt z agencją reklamową

Creative agency MDA Key Thing

Szczecin. 2000.

This is how the time and place of the MDA’s beginning can be briefly described. We are not a huge agency, but considering the local conditions, we are surely quite big. It is not a novelty, that it is quality, not quantity, that stands for a good adverstisment. We avoid complex structures. If something is good, it is not too long hidden in a drawer, waiting for a decision of the supervisors. Thanks to that, fast service is guaranteed to our Clients, and each of us finds more joy in working, feeling an important part of MDA. It is not only a more creative way, but also a nicer one. We respect out values, preferences and individuality, and at the same time we find them inspiring. You can feel it when crossing our threshold and cooperating with us on a daily basis.


How to convey a brilliant thought so that it is understood and induce the desired effect? Words, sounds and pictures are sometimes insufficient. All senses should be engaged. To speak through touch, smell and taste. This is Modern Design Advertising. The language of MDA.

Our brands

The dynamic development of MDA Key Things had contributed to the separation of the particular departments from the structure of the agency. For many years we specialized only in working out, creating ad distributing attractive gadgets and in designing individually personalized calendars. Currently our brands are MDA Gadget and Memo Calendars. Highly qualified specialists are responsible for their service. MDA Key Things supports the brans with a strong share of Cration Department, offering this way even more to the Clients, than regular agencies.

See our brands:

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MDA Gadget

MDA Gadget is an offer of attractive gadgets designed and chosen for the idividual Client’s order. The cooperation with the creative agency enables to make an offer particularly for specific promotion action, with participation of MDA Key Things as well.

We always strive for the gadget designed by us to sucessfully promote the brand for a long time. Our Clients can be sure they receive a unique, one of its kind product, which will fully satisfy their requirements and the image of the promoted brands. We also offer a wide range of catalogue products, which are chosen particularly for specific promotion actions.

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Memo Calendars

Memo Calendars is the effect of long-term work of MDA Key Things specialists in the production of calendars. We are currently able to make every part of a calendar the way a Clients wants it to look. We design office and book calendars, as well as notobooks, from the very basis, also in unusual forms. We create attractive, practical and effective forms of advertising using calendars, which are sucessful for the whole years.

We know more than anyone about calendars. The have a vast knowledge in the field. We provide advice for the best solutions, so that the final effects amazes both the the form and the realization. We use the most up-to-date printing techniques. We apply the newest materials in production process. We constantly follow the technological innovation in the word of calendars. The highest quality is always the key feature to our company. Recently, we have enriched our offer by multimedia forms created for various platforms and systems, with stron emphasisn on mobile devices. This is a unique offer in in the scale of the entire country and a perfect idea for 365 days of the year.

Privacy policy

For us, your trust is the biggest value. That is why we prepared a special document which guarantee the highest level of confidentiality of the information you provide. You might be therefore sure that everything we get to know about your brand will not fall into the wrong hands and will serve only the best promotion.

MDA provides a written guarantee for that.

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